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"World Wild Art Magazine" Issue 13, Oct 2023

" Important World Artists, Issue 5" - FEB 2022 (US)

"International Contemporary Masters "
Issue 14, July 2021

"World Wild Art Magazine"
Issue 5, Feb 2021

World Wild Art Books, "Current Masters,
Issue 5", Oct 2020

"Current Masters" and " International Contemporary Maters" are high quality annual, juried art books including remarkable art by established and up-and-coming artists. The books provides an individual tool for the artist who wishes to increase their visability, increase the value of their works, establish new relationships with galleries and use the book as reference when talking with buyers".Every new volume of "Current Masters" and "International Contemporary Masters" takes over a year to be produce and each image is carefully selected. For each book we have two main goals. To produce a unique, individual presentation for each artist, that provides an insightful description of their practice and their career. And second, to produce a beautiful anthologhy of art, that presents a wide range of contemporary practices, providing a reference of great art, for collectors, galleries, decoraters and curators".