"The Best Modern and Contemporary Artists 2021"

"An art book, which contains the greatest masters of the XX century, which will be place side by side, to the great interpeters of the world contemporary art.The book aims to be the most important showcase to admire the great works that are intended to remain in history. The volume will be fully look after by two of the greatest connoisseurs of contemporary art Salvatore Russo and Francesco Saverio Russo.
The choise of the selected artists will be made thinking to the stylistic value of the artworks, toghether with the analysis of their artistic research.Contemporary art needs new Masters. New languages linked both to the tradition and the informal semiotic.A volume that includes figurative, abstract, informal, conceptual, sculptures, photographers, and video artists. A volume that will become the veritable bible for every curator, dealer, gallerist owner and director of the museum world".