"Finalist Certificate" "Artist of the Year"

1540 artworks, 414 Artists


"Peace and Tranquillity"

"Brighter Days"

"Wild Water"

"Summer in my Garden"

"Finalist Certificate"

International Art Contest
July 2022

Exhibition "Red Dot Miami"

1523 Artwoks, - 120 Finalists

"Riding Storms"

"Finalist Award"

International Art Contest
May 2022

"Wild Water"

"Finalist Award"

International Art Contest , Feb 2022
Theme "Hope"

"Brighter Days"
"Peace and Tranquility"
"Bird On Nest"
" The Sun"

" Finalist Certificate"

International Art Contest, Sept 2021

Red Dot Miami 1-5 Dec 2021

5 Artworks;
" The Wave I"
"The Breakthrough",
"The Secret Garden"
( The Blue Swan)
"The Sun"
"Bird on nest"

"Winner Certifcate" ,
International Art Contest.
Exhibition on ARTAVITA, (virtuel) ,
Dec 2020

" Free as The Bird"

" Finalist Certificate",
International Art Contest. Sept 2020:
Publication "World Wild
Art Magazine", Jan 2021


"Runner Up Certificate", International Art Contest. Sept 2020
Exhibition "Red Dot Miami".

"The Secret Garden",(The Blue Swan)
" Blowing in The Wind" /"My Teardrops"