Torhild Frøydis

Contemporary Artist


"Circle Foundation of Arts" (Lyon/France)

"The Contemporary Art Spotlight Magazine, Issue 22/2021

Publication March 21

"The Wave"

"The International Prize David Michelangelo". Rome/Italy. Feb 2021

"World Wild Art Magazine ",Issue 5 . Santa Barbara/USA. Feb 2021

"The Best Modern and Contemporary Artists 2021", Publication , FEB 21 Coming up!

"Coral Reef"

"The Wave"

"WE CONTEMPORARY", MUSE International Art Space. Coming Up!


Art Catalog, publication April 2021

Art Exhibition Vienna, 24 - 26 APRIL 2021


Publication in the art catalog


Art Exhibition VIENNA
24 -26 April 2021

"Free as The Bird"

Art Exhibition VIENNA
24 .26 April 2021

"The International Prize Dante Alighieri". Coming Up!

"Art International Contemporary Magazine" and Official catalog