Products for sale

Products for sale.

Numerous artworks shown here on my website are for sale.
As original artwork or as a Giclee print, with certificate, limited editions (5-7).

The pages "Artworks 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021" show selected artworks created during the last 3 years. Some will remain in my private ownership, others are sold, and other paintings are taking more or less contiousely part in exhibitions during the year.
Nevertheless, do not hesitate to forward your wish, if you find a painting of special interest!

I create both figurative and abstract paintings.
New artworks will be made available for sale either on my website or in an exhibition.
Please see more info on the my page " Current Exibitions".

I will also offer artworks on commission.

If you are interested in an unique artwork, you are welcome to use my email for more information and dialog.